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Military Cut Sleeve DIY!

With the weather (finally) getting warmer, it’s crop top season! Here’s an easy way to turn your favorite cut sleeve vest into a cute crop top:

What you’ll need:

Our Wild Dreams Military Cut Sleeve Button Up (HERE)




1. To measure where to cut, try the vest on to see where you would like the crop top to fall. We used about an inch below the back text, but it’s up to you! 

2. Draw a diagonal line from your crop height to the base of the vest (at about a 45 degree angle) using either chalk or a marker. Chalk is a little messier, but it’s easier to dust or wash off after you’re done. You can use a ruler to make sure you draw a straight line.

2. Cut along the diagonal lines for both the front and back of the vest.

3. Turn the vest over and draw a horizontal  line from the top of each diagonal cut. Cut along the line to remove the back lower half of the vest.

4. Flip over the vest and unbutton the two bottom buttons, and then tie the two front pieces together. Cut off any hanging strings or jagged edges and the crop top is ready to wear!

Happy Crafting!


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Build This Beautiful Topsy-Turvy Planter and Birdbath to Decorate Garden


To make this planter and birdbath first you have to take 6 terracotta pots out of which one will be bigger in size. Paint them in the color of your choice. Then fix a reinforcing bar in ground and pass the first and bigger pot through it. Fill it with soil. After that pass the second and tilt it to one side as shown. Pass the third pot through the bar , fill it with soil and tilt it to the side opposite to the lower one. Repeat these steps till the last pot but make sure to keep the last pot leveled. Fix a birdbath on the upper most pot. Plant flowers in the lower pots and voila!


For further details about this project visit home stories A to Z.


DIY “Layla the Elephant” Softie:

Free Pattern and Tutorial, by Jessica Christian,

On Riley Blake Designs.